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Deluxe Makeup Organizer

  • Rs.6,500.00
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A deluxe makeup organizer is typically a large, multi-compartment storage solution designed to neatly store and organize various makeup products and tools. These organizers often come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different preferences and needs. Some features commonly found in deluxe makeup organizers include:

Delicate hazy beauty

- After closing, it is looming
- After opening, it is clear at a glance

Large capacity

Skincare + Beauty

Save space

Raised guardrail

Smooth large drawer

Left and right partitions

Magnetic double door


1. Smooth and delicate, no burr on the edge
2. Curved handle, easy to open and close
3. 6CM heightened guardrail to prevent dumping
4. Bottom anti-skid pad to prevent wear