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Aluminium Foil Roll Food Fusion

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Aluminium foil rolls are a versatile and essential kitchen tool used for cooking, baking, and food storage. Made from high-quality aluminum, these foils are durable, flexible, and have excellent heat-conducting properties. Here are the key features and benefits:

Key Features:

Material: Premium-grade aluminum.

Thickness: Available in various thicknesses to suit different needs, typically ranging from 10 microns to 20 microns.

Heat Resistance: Can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for baking, grilling, and barbecuing.

Moisture Proof: Acts as a barrier to moisture, air, and light, helping to preserve food freshness.

Non-toxic and Food Safe: Ensures no harmful chemicals leach into food during cooking or storage.

Easy to Cut: Often comes with a built-in cutter for convenient and precise cutting of the foil to desired lengths.


Cooking and Baking: Line baking sheets and pans to prevent sticking and make cleanup easier. Cover dishes to prevent over-browning or to trap moisture.

Grilling: Wrap food items like vegetables, fish, and meats to retain flavor and moisture. Also used to create makeshift grilling trays.

Food Storage: Wrap leftovers or cover bowls and plates to keep food fresh. Ideal for wrapping sandwiches and snacks for on-the-go.

Crafts and DIY Projects: Used in various crafting projects and for insulation in small DIY tasks.