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Acrylic Rolling Egg Box

  • Rs.1,150.00
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The acrylic rolling egg box is a sleek and transparent storage container designed to hold eggs securely while providing easy access and organization. Crafted from durable acrylic material, this box offers a clear view of the eggs stored inside, allowing you to quickly assess your supply. Its rolling feature enables smooth movement, making it effortless to retrieve eggs from different angles without lifting the entire box. With its compact and practical design, the acrylic rolling egg box is an ideal solution for keeping eggs fresh and neatly arranged in your refrigerator or kitchen countertop.

  1. Transparent Design: Made of clear acrylic material, allowing easy visibility of the eggs stored inside.

  2. Rolling Mechanism: Equipped with wheels or a rolling mechanism that enables smooth movement, making it effortless to access eggs from various angles.

  3. Secure Storage: Provides secure compartments or slots for each egg, preventing them from rolling around and potentially cracking.

  4. Capacity: Available in different sizes to accommodate varying numbers of eggs, typically ranging from a dozen to several dozen eggs.

  5. Durable Construction: Constructed from sturdy acrylic material, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

  6. Easy to Clean: Designed for easy cleaning, usually with simple soap and water, to maintain hygiene and freshness.

  7. Space-Saving: Compact design helps save space in the refrigerator or kitchen countertop while maximizing egg storage capacity..

  8. Airtight Seal (Optional): Some models may feature an airtight seal or lid to help preserve the freshness of the eggs for a longer period.

  9. Stackable (Optional): Certain designs may be stackable, allowing you to stack multiple egg boxes on top of each other to save even more space.