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Essential Baby Supplies Trolley - 4 Layers

  • Rs.16,500.00
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The essential baby supplies trolley with four layers is a practical and convenient storage solution designed to organize all the necessary items for caring for your baby. Each layer of the trolley is dedicated to specific categories of baby essentials, making it easy to find what you need when you need it.

  1. The top cover is designed with a raised height, making it difficult for items to topple
  2. Transparent and visible drawers for easy storage
  3. Movable detachable partition, freely adjustable to accommodate different items
  4. Layered storage with large capacity and classified storage by layer
  5. 360 ° universal pulley, gently push to move freely
  6. Smooth handle, easy to pull, convenient and pressure free
  7. The four corners are designed with circular arcs to protect the baby and reduce damage