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Cotton Candy Maker

  • Rs.4,800.00
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1.Compact and Portable: The mini child's cotton candy machine is typically small in size, making it easy to carry and use. Designed to be lightweight, it is suitable for children and does not take up much space, allowing for convenient transportation and storage.

2.Easy Operation: The DIY cotton candy maker is simple to operate, making it suitable for children. The process of making cotton candy is simplified, and clear instructions are provided, ensuring that children can easily use the machine without any complications.

3.Quick Production: The marshmallow machine can produce cotton candy in a short amount of time. With efficient heating systems and rotating mechanisms, it can rapidly transform sugar mixtures into fluffy cotton candy, allowing for quick and enjoyable treats.

4.Customizable Treats: Children can add different colors and flavors of sugar mixtures to the electric cotton candy maker, allowing for the creation of a diverse range of cotton candy. This feature enables children to explore their taste preferences and create personalized cotton candy treats.

5.Promotes Family Interaction: The candy floss machine encourages parent-child interaction and bonding. Children can participate in the cotton candy-making process with their family, enjoying the fun of creating together and strengthening the family's bond.


Origin: Mainland China

Dimensions: 270x250x250mm/10.63x9.84x9.84inch

Rated Power: 450W